Soulful Design Solutions

NO cookie cutter solutions here! All SOLUTIONS are aligned specific to YOUR soulful human design blueprint.

Soulful Design holds the keys to YOUR most fulfilling, prosperous life & business!

A personalized Soulful Design consultation laser focuses in on YOUR purposeful, prosperous gifts and signature energy type, eliminating frustration, anger, and fatigue resulting from not being aware of or maximizing YOUR unique design. This includes all aspects of life and business! The WORLD NEEDS what ONLY YOU CAN UNIQUELY DELIVER!

Once YOU discover this powerful and transformative priceless information, it serve YOU every day for the rest of your life reaping even greater and more miraculous benefits the more you consciously and intentionally harness the power of purposefully living YOUR blueprint to success, and no longer within the confusion or conditioned response of taking on someone else’s design!

What powerful ripple effects to your life and business would there be living in the awareness of YOUR Soulful Design?

“I’ve been struggling finding focus and direction in my business for awhile when I scheduled a Soulful Design channeled session with Amy. The session blew my mind! Amy covered so much detail and left me feeling focused on my next steps. She validated some areas I was unsure about while offering insights I had never even considered. I highly recommend these incredibly potent sessions for everyone feeling a bit lost or confused on life.” Victoria L. (Brooklyn, New York)


YOUR unique Soulful Design chart with clear explanation

Receive a copy of your chart and voice/audio recording

Understand YOUR Energy Type

Ignite creative power for what’s meant to be yours

How do the energy types attract, repel or interact with others?

What is influencing your field you may be unaware of?

Utilize YOUR inherent decision maker guide that will never lead you astray

Understand emotional waves. Is it even YOURS?

What are YOUR destiny overarching themes?

What are characteristics of the type of work only you can fulfill?

Themes in YOUR design chart impacting ALL areas of life

Life Purpose key insights

Life Lesson key insights



A SPECIFIC PROBLEM or frustration in life or business is addressed providing the CLARITY and SOLUTION incorporating YOUR Soulful design applied

Dynamics within the chart decoded to provide immediate insights, a-ha’s, and peace of mind!

Hidden prosperity areas revealed

Maximize your value in relationships and career.

Unconscious areas to be aware of for avoiding pitfalls

Transformational and spiritual themes for greater connection

Key astrological influences that may be factoring in

Customized based on your specific need for the consult.

Areas for congruency within your chart for maximum flow!

Golden nuggets of wisdom FOR YOU to cash in on!



Soulful and innovative strategy customized & designed to meet YOUR Business Needs and PAIN POINTS

Queens, Kings, and World Rulers use astrological influences to their advantage, why not you?

30 years of Senior Corporate business wisdom having worked for Global Brands, Human Resources, Legal Compliance, Quality, Strategic Process Improvement, Business Continuity, Sustainability and Brand Protection ALL in One!

Innovative areas of strategy to navigate and up level what’s stagnant or not working

Are you marketing or selling wrong based on YOUR design?

Greater business collaboration and prosperity based on the connections right for YOU!

Avoid burnout when working against your own design.

Unclaimed prosperity of full creative potential and value

Location matters! Clients, retreats, rejuvenation, prosperity secrets based on astrology!

Innovative collaborations for any organization. Let’s chat!


Soulful Design Sessions are multi-layered, multi-dimensional like YOU! The ALCHEMY begins HERE!

Sylvia Worsham’s Testimonial for Soulful Design Solutions and Soul Letters from Amy Lovelynn (2:58)

Ready to feel the love of the divine and receive your own personalized Soul Letter of powerful, inspirational guidance? Add on this visionary akashic 3-6 page written communication to any paid session for ONLY $133.Akash” is a Sanskrit word meaning “primary substance,” of which ALL THAT IS, is formed.

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If I had to choose one word to best describe my Soulful Design session with Amy, that would be the word. Because honestly, it’s the only word I can think of that comes close to the experience. It was as if she had a user’s manual for my life and being and how I function, and explained how and why things work the way they have… and why I work the way I do. I’ve done a lot of “things” spiritually and physically to expand my awareness and capacities. I’m fairly aligned much of the time and consider myself to be comfortable in my magic. And yet still there were things about me that I’d considered to be challenges, that I now see as my superpowers. And the depth and accuracy blew me away. I literally got chills sometimes because it was so raw and real and revealed parts of myself I never knew anyone saw. It was like being fully seen for the very first time, and with each passing day and every time I relisten to the recording, it goes deeper…

Michele B. (Canada)

Video testimonial of the benefits Lori of Empowered Abundance gained as a result of her Soulful Design Solution experience. (2:31)

“Amy is phenomenal with Soulful Design. She helped me with questions I had about getting my business started. It was amazing because the ideas I had aligned perfectly with my human design and Amy helped me see that. The session assisted me in making congruent choices and move forward with my business and life. The session with Amy was affirming and clarified so much for me about how I create what my strengths are that I was peripherally aware of. She goes through the channels and simplifies their meaning and helped me put words to the strengths I automatically do without realizing it. Her sessions are amazing, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking more clarity in their life about their strengths, business, relationships, or anything else.”

Amelia C. (Portland, Oregon)