YOUR Soulful Design

YOUR Soulful Design holds the keys to a most fulfilling and prosperous life!

A personalized Soulful Design consultation is a masterful blend of Astrology, Human Design and Divine Guidance to laser focus in on YOUR own unique signature energy type and purposeful gifts to eliminate any frustration, anger, disappointment, bitterness or fatigue resulting from not living in YOUR genius zone within the business of life! The world needs the conscious embodiment of what ONLY YOU CAN UNIQUELY DELIVER!

Once someone divinely discovers their design information the priceless wisdom serves from that day onwards, reaping even greater and miraculous rewards the more consciously intentional someone is of harnessing the power to purposefully live their own unique design, and not someone else’s!

Let’s reveal YOUR personalized Life and Business SOULFUL DESIGN strategy today!


60 Minutes

Introduction to the Human Design system and YOUR Soulful Design

Understand YOUR Energy Type

How the energy attracts/repels and interacts with other energy types?

What is influencing your field?

Understand YOUR inherent decision maker guide

Destiny overarching theme

What role do you fulfill?

Key themes in YOUR design chart impacting ALL areas of life

How do others perceive you?

Life Purpose key insights

Life Lesson key insights


90 Minutes

Same as 60 minutes *PLUS*

How to best apply YOUR design for intentional results

Deeper insights to increase your over all well being and prosperity

Hidden prosperity areas for focus

What inherent strengths should you be maximizing?

Conscious/Unconscious areas to be aware of to avoid external confusion

Emotional / energy drains?

Spiritual and transformational themes

Astrological influences impacting at present



120 Minutes

Same as 60/90 minutes *PLUS*

Deepest dive into your design

Customizable based on your most crucial needs

Areas of strategy to navigate and up level what’s not been working

Relationship insights to harness

Maximize areas of your chart for greater collaboration and prosperity

Tighten up energy, focus and time leaks to avoid burnout

Use the astrological influences to your advantage


“After one session with Amy, I immediately gained more clarity about myself and discovered which areas to focus on to bring more fulfillment, meaning, and purpose in my life and business. Since then, I have been able to step into my strengths with more confidence and no longer doubt my ability to figure things out by trial and error as a key component to my design. Thank you for such an insightful experience, Amy!”

Jennifer B. (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

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“I want to tell you just how amazing and specialized Amy’s gifts are, confirmation was off-the-charts “Awesome”! Amy’s education and channeling are a perfect blend and reveals itself in a very pure way from the beginning. If you are on the fence about getting a session or Soul Reading with Amy, I recommend you go for it and enjoy the experience.”

Susan S. (TX, USA)