YOUR Soulful Design

Client words describing the value of their Soulful Design experiences!

YOUR Soulful Design holds the keys to a most fulfilling and prosperous life!

A personalized Soulful Design consultation is a masterful blend of Astrology, Human Design and Divine Guidance to laser focus in on YOUR own unique signature energy type and purposeful gifts to eliminate any frustration, anger, or fatigue resulting from not living in YOUR genius zone within the business of life! The world needs the conscious embodiment of what ONLY YOU CAN UNIQUELY DELIVER!

Once YOU divinely discover YOUR design information the priceless wisdom serves from this day onwards, reaping even greater and miraculous rewards the more consciously intentional YOU are to harnessing the power and purposefully living YOUR own unique design, not within the confusion of someone else’s design!

What powerful ripple effects to your life and business would there be living consciously aware of YOUR Soulful Design?

“I’ve been struggling finding focus and direction in my business for awhile when I scheduled a Soulful Design channeled session with Amy. That session blew my mind! Amy covered so much detail and left me feeling focused on my next steps. She validated some areas I was unsure about while offering insights I had never even considered. I highly recommend these incredibly potent sessions for everyone feeling a bit lost or confused on life.” Victoria L. (Brooklyn, New York)


YOUR unique Soulful Design chart with clear explanation

Receive a copy of your chart and voice/audio recording of our session

Understand YOUR Energy Type to not waste your creation power through leaks or attracting unconsciously

How does this energy attract, repel or interact with other energy types?

What is influencing your field?

Begin utilizing YOUR inherent decision maker guide

What is YOUR Destiny overarching themes?

What role in society can only you fulfill?

Key themes in YOUR design chart impacting ALL areas of life

Life Purpose key insights

Life Lesson key insights



Apply YOUR design to a SPECIFIC area of concern or frustration requiring CLARITY and guidance for a SOLUTION uniquely yours

Dynamics within the chart decoded to provide immediate a-ha’s and peace of mind!

Breakthrough insights and ideas to apply immediately.

Hidden prosperity areas for focus

Know the inherent strengths to maximize your value in relationships or career.

Unconscious areas to be aware of to avoid pitfalls

Understand emotional waves

Transformational and spiritual themes

Key astrological influences impacting life and business at present

For persons requiring specific consulting that apply YOUR unique, soulful design



Soulful strategy customized & designed to meet YOUR Business Needs

Kings, Queens, and World Rulers use astrological influences to their advantage, why not you?

Applying my 30 years of Corporate wisdom as a Senior Director of Global Brand, Human Resource, Legal Compliance Protection, Quality, and Strategic Process Improvement

Innovative areas of strategy to navigate and up level what’s stagnant or not working

Marketing wrong based on your design?

Maximize areas of greater business collaboration and prosperity based on the connections right for YOU!

Clean up energy, focus and time leaks to avoid burnout or losing money not owning your full potential and value

Location matters! Clients, retreats, rejuvenation, prosperity secrets!

Collaborations for design applications within any organization. Let’s chat!


Soulful Design Sessions are multi-layered, multi-dimensional like YOU! The ALCHEMY begins HERE!

Now I truly see myself for who I am – ME!

I just had a session of Soulful Design & channeled messages with AMY and what a contribution this session was for me!! The veils have been lifted, and I can see who I truly am and the gifts I bring to the world much more clearly now. Amy combines her extensive knowledge of Human Design with the channeled messages she receives and put those messages into words so delicate and pure that they spoke directly to my being and my heart, and maybe for the first time ever, I could hear them very clearly. Amy, thank you for being the gift that you are!!”

Iris P. (Vienna, Austria)

Would you like to receive a personalized Soul Letter of loving, yet powerful, divine guidance? Add on this visionary akashic 3-6 page written communication to any paid session for ONLY $122. ($277 VALUE).Akash” is a Sanskrit word meaning “primary substance,” out of THAT which ALL THAT IS, is formed.

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“Amy is phenomenal with Soulful Design. She helped me with questions I had about getting my business started. It was amazing because the ideas I had aligned perfectly with my human design and Amy helped me see that. The session assisted me in making congruent choices and move forward with my business and life. The session with Amy was affirming and clarified so much for me about how I create what my strengths are that I was peripherally aware of. She goes through the channels and simplifies their meaning and helped me put words to the strengths I automatically do without realizing it. Her sessions are amazing, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking more clarity in their life about their strengths, business, relationships, or anything else.”

Amelia C. (Portland, Oregon)