Welcome Home to You!

The world we live in today is filled with fast paced challenges and unlimited opportunities to choose love over fear, joy over sorrow, well being over suffering, and peace over chaos.

Let’s journey deep within the heart and mind of God to realign with the Soul truth of why you are here. The world needs your unique self expression now, more than ever.

In gratitude of your presence,
Amy Lovelynn

“Let’s lighten the shadows, and free your truth.” – Amy

Amy Lovelynn is a visionary messenger of personal and collective soul wisdom for navigating one’s unique DNA blueprint for Soulful confidence, inner peace, and heart-mind balance in co-creative partnership with God/Source. 

She is a multidimensional channel who brings forth a plethora of prophetic messages for clients and readers.

No topic is off limits. She provides priceless wisdom on emotional and physical well-being, new creative inspirations, innovative business ideas, and reframing expansion of any mental constructs limiting growth potential. 

Amy is a phoenix whose risen from the ashes of mental suffering, suicide grief recovery, and re-creation of Self after a career crossroads. She is a master at shedding the light of awareness on the unseen for the gems ready to be revealed.

Her specialty includes a depth of energy infused writing and communications that transcends language, time and space. She’s also trained in Akashic Records, Astrology and an active student of Human Design. Amy is a sacral Generator, 2/5 profile with the personal Incarnation Cross of Eden 1, here to merge Heaven and Earth.

A personalized Soul Letter is your ethereally (and ethically) written divine love hug and invitation to experience the treasured gift conceived from the heart and mind of God.

Claim your “peace” of heaven, today.

“Amy is a true channel to the divine. Her soul letter gave me goosebumps and I felt a profound feeling of peace. The energy behind her letter felt ancient and wise and very loving.”

Denise P. (Mississauga, Canada)