I Am

Amy Lovelynn is a channel for innovative divine inspirations and solutions. Through her Soulful Design sessions and messages, she unveils YOUR valuable life themes and unique gifts activating these potentials into greater reality.

How did such a gift reveal itself?

Amy was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with a passion for learning and exploring the unknown. She is an intuitive and compassionate Pisces Sun / Ascendant and Cancer Out of Bounds Moon who feels most grounded in nature and heart to heart soulful communications with others.

Amy’s early introduction to God was through religion of the Catholic faith. As she began to curiously question her own beliefs, her primary guiding life principle is Golden Rule (Matt 7:12) “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Amy moved to Texas in 1996 for a lengthy corporate career as a socially conscious leader and change agent in the global manufacturing industry.

On a deeply personal level, in 2006 she painfully experienced the loss of her spouse by suicide. The unexpected grief path led her into the exploration of the metaphysical realm and an immersion into numerous classes, books, and speakers. During this search for the meaning of life and a steadfast commitment to reclaimed joy, she began having her own powerful spiritual experiences she could not fully explain.

Late one night she had an unforgettable experience. “I awoke with the energetic feeling of the heart space and body fully expansive with the source of eternal love powerfully radiating through me. Words began pouring into my awareness as I grabbed a pen and paper to capture the most beautiful, profound, inspirational spiritual messages from beyond time and space. Whether you call it messages from God, the Source of All That Is, Christ, or the Holy Spirit, I felt zero separation from the infinite love and wisdom of divine intelligence acknowledging the truth of who I Am.” Over time Amy would return regularly to her scribed “Soul Letter” whenever it whispered to her to reconnect with this comforting feeling of love, home and a higher truth of the divine infused in every powerful word.

Years later, she became unemployed when her corporate job of 22 years was eliminated and Amy was faced with recreating her life for a second time. She never forgot the late night spiritual experience and chose this opportunity to follow her heart and honor the God given gift of intuitive writing and channeled communications reinventing herself as a Soulful entrepreneur. The journey from corporate to entrepreneur mindset was not easy, but has allowed Amy to shed limiting beliefs to step into what she wholeheartedly believes is her soul’s purpose of delivering a similar multidimensional experience sharing the wisdom of God/Source to others.

One of her greatest joys is meaningful connection with others around the world. Her professional and personal travels brought her to countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Central and South America, as well as cities in Canada and much of the United States. She especially enjoyed Israel, Ireland, Patmos Island, Easter Island and Charleston S.C., while Portugal and Egypt remain on her bucket list.

In addition to sacred sites travel, her passions include dogs, astrology, human design, and inspirational writing. Amy’s unique gift is the ability to communicate the universal wisdom of source infusing that loving energy into insightful and encouraging personalized Soul Letters. She also utilizes Astrology, Human Design and Gene Keys to help clients purposefully and prosperously apply their own Soulful Designs into all aspects of life and business.

She is actively working on publishing her first book, “Timeless Wisdom of the Beloved Soul”, as well as creating a library of divine messages for future generations who feel called to experience these deep works of wisdom word art. 

Amy is single and resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, USA. She is committed to leaving a legacy of love.

Hear in her own words Amy’s personal path from experiencing the pain of suicide to an awakening and unfolding of powerful spiritual gifts attributable to Amy’s human design and astrological natal chart.