Soul Letter Testimonials

Amy’s unique gift is the ability to connect with the universal wisdom of source and transform the loving energy into insightful and encouraging personalized Soul Letters and messages acknowledging the divinity and power within.

What is your soul deeply desiring to express to you today?

“I have much gratitude for Amy and the Soul Letter she provided for me.  At a time in my life where I am excited for the change ahead of me, I also have a lot of questions as to where my direction should be focused.  While reading my Soul Letter, I was moved with the abundance of love and support that filled the letter.  It also held information I was searching for.  The words touched on areas of my life that were important to me in the past as well as things I need to re-connect with in the present.  With my Soul Letter as a tool, I am able to narrow down where my focus will best be directed. Not just my higher good, but towards the higher good for the Oneness that connects us all.  I recommend Amy’s gift and ability to relay messages for anyone that is looking for a major decision and direction or just to feel loved and supported.  I feel my Soul Letter is relevant for me today and will be something I turn to in the future and beyond.” Kelly O. (Calgary, Canada) 

“Amy Lovelynn has the rare ability to channel from Source. Her Soul Letters are essential to navigate life when you are unsure of the next step on the path. Amy writes with such beauty and grace, I find myself re-reading her words when I am in need of comfort and inspiration. The guidance she shares is not only accurate, it is wise and filled with loving compassion. If you are confused about life’s challenges, I would thoroughly recommend a session with Amy. When you need encouragement and clarity, let Amy’s guidance inspire you. I can not think of a more beautiful and profound gift to yourself.” Joanna B. (London, UK)

“Amy’s Soul Letter’s are of Divine origin! I’ve been in spiritual healing work for over 20 years and I’ve talked to angels on a daily basis. When I read my message from God transmitted to Amy and shared via Amy’s Soul Letter, I knew instantly this message came from the Source. The nature of the information was a knowledge which nobody could know or comprehend, composed of deeper laws and mechanics connected to my own personal journey. It took me multiple readings to grasp the depth and intricacies embedded in the message. The wording and terminology is so complex and comprehensive that I can say safely that it is on the edge of English language’s capabilities to bring the message forth and at the same time not lose the content or the context intended to be communicated. In my opinion a different, much older language, for instance Sanskrit, is a suitable comparison for the medium that would carry typically such advanced level of information. I do not know who in Heaven crafted the letter for me and gave it to Amy, but it was undoubtedly a Being close to God!  Thank you, Amy, for the enlightening and deep guidance, it has really helped me to know myself better by bringing another piece of the puzzle about who I am deeper into my awareness.” Vladimir T. (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

“Amy is a true channel to the divine. Her soul letter gave me goosebumps and I felt a profound feeling of peace. The energy behind her letter felt ancient and wise and very loving. The knowledge within gave me a clear direction to my life that I had been missing. Thank you Amy for your divine inspiration.” Denise P. (Mississauga, Canada)

“Amy is so spot-on with her soul letter. I’ve not mentioned anything about my path to her, neither is my path anything like what 99% of people in the world can ever imagine. But Amy’s soul letter covered exactly what I was and my path so accurately that it’s beyond fascinating, I have no words. She is just amazing and clearly channeling absolute truth from absolute light and working with her highest guides and angels for the highest good of all! I’m so grateful for her soul letter and it really gave me a clarity that I am indeed on the right path and I am recognized and supported for the light I am here to shine on the world. Highly recommending this letter is an understatement, it is so accurate you wouldn’t believe it! Some info may not be understood at once but when you experience things and you go back to it; it’ll make complete sense. In fact, I’m probably gonna get another soul letter sooner or later! Much love!!!” Varman A. (Singapore)

“Thank you so much Amy for this gift of insight from the Soul. It truly has helped confirm and acknowledge so many feelings, thoughts, ways and directions that I have taken in my life up to this point. After reading this, I’ve noticed so much peace of mind and joy that I am on the right path of work.  Even more, this message highlighted some amazing possibilities that I wasn’t seeing yet, at just the right time when I was searching for those next steps. I am feeling more energized and excited that I am engaging in life activities that truly resonate with my Soul’s desires and making a positive contribution. This definitely helps me continue creating a life I love for myself and the world around me. Thank you again for sharing just what I was needing to hear, it is awesome!” Susan F. (Liberty Lake, WA)