2016 Post Election Speech

If I held the world stage as a political leader, and as my own speech writer, here is what I would say to the masses…

A foundation built on false securities is no foundation at all. A wall built of “I’m right and you are (fill in the blank)” is a flashing neon danger sign it’s time to stop and reflect on exactly where ones hearts and actions are.

I commit myself to the only solution I know can ultimately achieve sustainable peace, it’s called forgiveness of self and others. Let’s live in the present moment where our power is, we must learn from the past but let’s not taint our collective futures by projecting fearful outcomes.

We’ve become UNTIED as a necessity to truly become UNITED in love and respect. If we place our trust in any person or thing without connection to a higher power as our source of strength, courage and inspiration it results in a victim mentality.
It’s okay to feel a wide range of emotions, that’s what humans do. Shed the tears for the state of our world and let’s reclaim our power to truly make a difference for all. There is no action too big or small, it is a ripple effect of our own contributions that shapes our greatest potential and highest good.

Who am I to judge what’s right for me is how another should be? Believing another must act in a manner that makes me feel safer, better, or happier is a recipe for never knowing true inner peace and empowerment.

I call upon each soul to pause and reflect, mourn if you must, and then take your God given right to be the spark of love you know you are capable of being. This is our new foundation for building a structure of unified peace of the greatest kingdom on Earth. Sounds a bit like heaven.

Some may proclaim “I do not believe in God and your beliefs must remain separate.” Let me assure you God by any name believes in you, and only we forget God and separate ourselves. This is my committed foundation and platform for each of my personal choices.

May God bless America, and God bless the World. Now let’s go forth together in unity and prosper.

~ Amy Love Lynn

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