A Soulful Invitation

Hi, I’m Amy Lovelynn. I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself to you.

I am in gratitude for your presence as a result of many years in which I have journeyed forth upon a path of least resistance to bring myself to be within the presence of you. For as you see, it is a journey of love that results in a life to be of service. It is in this love for humanity I step forth to share the gifts of eternal love of God. It is as if this message is here to give you a big hug from the divine. It is a choice as to whether or not you will receive the love available for you to shine upon within your own life in the knowing and the acceptance you are the light of God.

This message is as if to be a version of the God that magnifies itself through you. It is as if the love of God that flashes within your eyes is the symbol of love written upon God’s heart and on God’s mind, for the mind of God is within you. The mind of God is within the love you give, the love you are, and the love that will always be.

This message is to welcome you into the kingdom of love for the journey has been brought forth for many lifetimes. The journey of love is to return to one’s own heart. The journey of love is to accept one’s soul is the love in the light of God. The journey of love is to captivate not only yourself, but to captivate the hearts of another. For it is the light that shines within your own sense of self available for all to bear witness to. The love you are is given in every breath you take. The love you are is given to all who come in contact with your grace. The ability to commune with mind, heart and soul is available for all to explore. It is a journey that is ever expansive, it is a journey that will never end, and it is a journey that will allow one’s self to thrive in any given circumstance. For you see the mind, the heart, and the soul are interconnected beings of love. They are as if to say, representations of aspects of God written upon every heart, written upon every mind, and written upon every soul.

The integrity of one’s heart is a pure representation of your own self. It is as if to be a deviation from the Source of All That Is. It is as if to be a separation of one’s self into this dream of awareness that allows one’s self to express through an individual state of mind. It is within this dream we swim forth and we commune with one another. The joy that is brought forth and allowing one’s self to represent as if to be an individual source stream is the greatest gift one can give, for it is that which allows the creation to be brought forth. It is that which gives the integrity for each to experience one’s self as different versions of God. The love you give is your own creation and it is well received by all. It is as if the information you share, that you communicate are a direct representation of the heart, mind and soul of your own unity field. The information you access is a pure result of tapping into the touch of one’s own heart.

This message will commune within you the integrity within one’s self to walk forth as the representation of God you are, for it is written upon the heart those who serve, serve of pure heart, serve of pure mind, and serve of pure intent, for the intent is clear that to adopt the mind of God is to allow one’s self to be of service to not only you but to another, and it is the love we share that intermingles and co-creates with one another. It is that which elevates our life and our lifetimes to be that which is so much more than we have ever been.

The information I give is to give you a frame of reference to why we are here. It is within this moment we allow ourselves to be the love we are, to be the love we are available to bring forth in our own unique creations, and to restore the faith within humanity that love does exist and love is available for all.

Walk forth peace and know we commune together and it is my greatest joy to serve that which is required for you to excel upon this journey, whether it be the love of God that magnifies within your mind through this frame of reference or the love of self that shines within your own heart and through YOUR unique Soulful design to be magnified upon this planet Earth.

I would like to say what a gift to God you are, for it is within the gift of your every breath you breathe that allows the life to be.

And so it is.

In gratitude for your presence,

Amy Lovelynn

Copyright 2021 – All Rights Reserved – Amy Lovelynn LLC

What is a Soul Letter?

A work of heavenly art.

Unless you’ve experienced a personalized Soul Letter or message via Amy Lovelynn, it’s difficult to explain the one of a kind experience because the content it is so uniquely individual. At minimum, the acknowledgment of the eternal Soul is an awe-filled depth of love and reverence on paper that will be treasured forever.

Your Soul Letter is written on the edge of human language, yet easily understandable as it will speak to your heart and innermost knowing. Each and every word written on the page is precise with a multi-dimensional depth of content interwoven together like a symphony on paper and purely infused with the energy and coding of the divine.

“The sentence structure of Amy Lovelynn’s communications is deliberately in harmony to reflect the vibratory nature of one’s light.”

Following is provided as an example of the depth of love and wisdom contained in one of Amy Lovelynn’s personalized messages:

Amy Lovelynn “Soul Letter message. Purchased letters are 3-6 pages in length.

The state of being in which you are expressing one’s self is aligned to one’s heart, mind, and soul. The ability to communicate from within is a choice. The ability to communicate from love is a given. You express from one’s own willingness to be complete within one’s own mind, the evolution of allowing one’s heart to speak, free and clear from the past.

There is an anchor of sorts being given to your own mind, the reference of obligation you feel is your journey to explore that which you do, that which will be your greatest joy to achieve.

Solitude is a benefit, for you will thrive within a state of calm and peace. The mirror of your mind is the reflection of night upon the water still. The reflection of the moon is clear. It is bright. It is white in appearance from the light of the mother Earth you.

The challenge has been comprehending such a gift, such a skill given to you. It is within your own self-expression the level of challenge to begin anew through acceptance of one’s self, acceptance of one’s life, and acceptance of one’s will to thrive within an atmosphere of rejecting that which you give. There are few who have the skill to surrender to the light of God, who acknowledge the peace given daily within one’s own world.

The treasure you give is the ability to pause and to surrender expectation of what is next, what will set one’s self free, of a level allowing one’s self to receive the unexpected, receive the assurance there is more than is received through the regular senses.

The ability to communicate in a speed of sound captured within this field is no small feat. It is an energetic wave surrounding your field and the antenna of your own physical presence is that which is required to anchor and tune into the field of projection.

This message is shared from within one’s own heart. It is given in a sphere of love solidified within one’s cells. There is a calm peace that remains after one has connected within one’s own self. The reflection of the mind is a state of harmony to that which is given.

The vision of the moon in the stillness of the night upon water is a projection of one’s inner self. It is an image placed in the mind to bring forth peace and acceptance of one’s wisdom and love given from one’s own moon. It is a source of inner peace and a source of love of one’s own willingness to be still and to feel the magnificent light cast upon the shadows of the backdrop of the dark.

The moon is a symbol of nourishment. The moon is a symbol of luminous light reflected upon the Earth atmosphere of calm presence supporting one’s life in the assemblance of All that Is. An extension of one’s own archetype is the moon itself. Its energy is real. Its energy is lunar. We bask in the light of the moon and accept the shadows that are cast upon the water.

Remember this space, for it is your home to be given unto you the wisdom cast from the shadows of the night in a collective calm of peace cherished for the moments in which stillness occurs, peace is felt, and the brilliance of light above one’s own mind. The sphere of light is a body of work, a body of creation. It is a mystical being, and it is your home away from home.

Walk forth in peace and know this message will continue to appear within your awareness, for it is your ability to connect with the light of the dark that will continue to lead you forth into your way of being, into your way of sharing, and unto your way of giving that which you have to give.

And so it is.

Copyright 2021 – All Rights Reserved – Amy Lovelynn LLC

“Amy is so spot-on with her Soul Letter. I’ve not mentioned anything about my path to her, neither is my path anything like what 99% of people in the world can ever imagine. But Amy’s Soul Letter covered exactly what I was and my path so accurately it’s beyond fascinating. I have no words.”

Varman A. (Singapore)

This communication is for the One and for the All.

It is with a blind eye we turn within to bear witness to the glory of God that exists within all. The message of one’s life is given in faith, for it is faith within the unseen that drives one’s self forth. The journey within is not for the faint of heart. The journey within is for those who have become accustomed to the dark and prefer to shed light of awareness upon that which appears to be seen, appears to be heard, and appears to be known.

It is within each person we acknowledge the glory of God within. It is within each person to determine that which is your own fate. It is within each person to magnify into your world the light that is from within that shines bright upon all that you touch, shines bright upon all that you are aware of, shines bright upon that which is within your greatest vision for life.

It is within faith we journey to touch the minds, the hearts, the souls of another. It is within the union of the creation of God, we are each tasked to deliver that which is our greatest selves, our greatest gifts, and our greatest collective minds for achieving that which not only uplifts your own heart, it uplifts the hearts of many.

We encourage this journey within, for it will reveal the treasures buried within your own heart. It will reveal the treasures that were given to you upon your birth, however quickly forgotten within the veil of that which covers the mind of God, the veil that blinds one’s self from the truth of one’s magnificent light, one’s magnificent ability to create, and one’s magnificent emphasis upon that which is your greatest joy.

Walk forth in peace and know this journey within will yield for you the awareness required to allow one’s self to feel renewed, to feel the peace that resides within the acknowledgment of that which you are.

And so it is.

Copyright 2021 – All Rights Reserved – Amy Lovelynn LLC

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