Liberation Begins Within You

“The ripple effect is real.” – Amy Lovelynn

Liberation. The act of setting one’s self free from slavery, entrapment and forceful resistance. The ability to transcend and to allow that which is required to move forward within one’s life.

There are many who feel the sense of liberation within their hearts, their desires, and their mind. However, the truth is there are few who are fully free, for the mind plays tricks upon the self to believe all is in harmony with one’s life while the root of all evil is the intent of those to reign in superiority over those who will follow, who will take charge and lead those who have less willingness to believe in the self. This is not new, as there are many over the course of time who have led with an authoritative mind and hand.

Yet, there are also many who have led over time with the beingness of spirit required to transcend and to share the element of truth within one’s heart to assist those who are less fortunate. How does one exist without fear in their own heart and with the knowing it is unnecessary to surrender to another’s mind?

The ability to communicate in a free state of mind is to share from one’s heart, to share from one’s inner peace in a free-flowing state of knowing, an awareness from within. There are few who have this gift, as few maintain the willingness to control one’s self from the inside out. There are few who understand the dynamics of what it means to truly be free. To be free requires an inner willingness to depart from the norm. To be free requires the knowledge all are created equal without constraint of one’s self. There are many who frequent the mind and confirm to the heart they are free. However, there are few who frequent the heart AND allow the mind to be conjoined.

The ability to achieve a level of inner freedom requires knowing one shortchanges the self when allowing the process of external communication to rule your life. The ability to emit that which is deep within an inner space, aware of the ability to feel at any moment, at any time the allowance of one’s self to receive that which is arising, to reflect and consider what it has to say, and what it has to show one’s self. This is the ability to harness knowledge and awareness from within one’s own self as the golden key, the golden ticket, and the golden opportunity for those who are truly willing to explore the intent, the potential, and the realm of freedom. 

The ability to communicate in a clear and modern state of mind is allowing one’s self to dissect that which is within one’s own heart, the curiosity to question what is arising. This is the ability to flow freely within and become a witness to that which is arising. The ability to connect with one’s self first requires exploration, requires a sense of community with one, and requires one’s own heart to feel heard, acknowledged, and expressed.

The ability to communicate with many requires this assemblance of peace within one’s own heart as the ability to share from within and to allow that which arises to be shared, shared in a willing state of receptivity to be heard and acknowledged for the wisdom contained within one’s own heart, exploring the potential of sharing among many who are willing to listen to an alternative point of view, who are willing to transcend the ability and to feel that which a required action as aligned to the heart, for we all are composed of different dreams. We all are composed of different awareness, and we all are composed of different abilities to communicate.

While it is the intent of the heart to be heard, it is not the intent of the higher mind to expect all shared will match another, for there are levels of ability in play. There are levels of ability allowing one’s heart to be explored, and levels of ability significant within the moment. However, while all seems to compete within the collective mind, it is a fact one will communicate, and another will communicate, and another will communicate, and another will communicate, and another will communicate, and another will communicate, and another will communicate and we see there is a ripple effect in those who have listened, who have heard, who have witnessed to form an opinion for the self. It will resonate with one’s own heart and will be shared in a manner capable of that which one can express with meaning to their own heart, to their own feelings, and to their own perception of self.

So, while we communicate in a sphere of potential, we also continue to evolve our species by allowing each heart to be expressed, allow each heart to feel the effect of one’s voice into the world. The ripple effect is real. The ripple effect is that which achieves harmony when the voice of God is not muzzled, the voice of God is not hushed, and the voice of God is allowed with free speech.

Community is at stake when one chooses to express one’s self in a meaningful way and disallow the voice of another, for it is with no one authority that anyone exists. There are many who explore the self and feel the connection to that which is of a higher power increasing the ability to have a stronger voice, their ability to communicate with authority to one’s self. It is a power that exists and is a real effect into the world, for there are those who communicate more than another, yet is only an effect of that which is flowing available to the one who speaks from one’s own heart while there are many voices in the world literally dying to be heard, many voices who are living in fear of expressing the self, of expressing that which is within one’s own heart, and expressing that which is required to be said.

Together we must cultivate an environment in which we allow each one to speak their peace, to speak that which is on their own heart, while allowing the ability to hear and listen with the heart, to then communicate heart to heart. This is the effect required if a land truly is to be free, if a land truly is to be explored as a possible source of freedom, a possible source of allowing speech that is respected, honored and treasured.

Expression from one’s heart is required, for the disconnect between the heart and mind allows the self to get lost in confusion of that which is real and that which is a projection of one’s own mind. It is the heart that will continue to elevate the speech and allow one’s self to communicate in a way that is heard. Without the ability to attach the heart vibration to the voice, it is received at the level of projection and not received heart to heart. Confusion occurs in many with voice attached to the mind overshadowed by the effect of competing thoughts and competing awareness, for there is no traction gained by projecting one’s self in the element of thought forms floating around without anything to attach to.

If you’d sincerely like to connect with another, then the ability to transmit from the heart is required. The ability to be heard requires an element of one’s heart attached to communicate in a direct and integral way. The ability to receive that which is being heard only exists when in resonance to one’s own liberated heart.

Heart to heart,

Amy Lovelynn

Copyright 2021 – All Rights Reserved – Amy Lovelynn

“Liberation begins within you.” – Amy Lovelynn