Child of God ~ A Message of Love

Divine message recorded on April 7, 2020

There are those that shall see the significance of the glow of the transfiguration that has occurred through the anchoring of the light, through the source of God that walks in harmony with the true self. The true self of spirit that has come to carry forth the message of God and the message of love that is most applicable within this moment of time, within these moments of uncertainty in which the feeling, the consensus has been, that God has been forgotten, that God may not have heard the prayers for those of the suffering, for those of the sickly, for those that are in disbelief that the structures of their life have crumbled, have fallen.

There are those that have seen the challenges that face the many, day in and day out, those that have struggled, those enslaved, those that have not chosen to see the light within the self for it is within their forgiveness, the truth is revealed within. That the forgiveness that is at stake is for the self to have realized that the separation was man made. The separation from source was not dictated by God. The separation from source was not an evolution of disappointment. The separation of self is not an eternity of suffering, being hammered upon the earth. There is no revelations, there is no disregard for the human condition. There is no absence of love.

There is only a forgetfulness, there is only a mistrust in the self. There is only a disciple of God who has come forth to share with the masses the information that is at hand. There is no lack. There is no lack of light. There is no lack of love. There is no lack of solution. There is only a lack of mindset that allows the self to forget the truths of that which you are. 

Allow this to sink in. Allow this to reframe the mindset to know that there is no lack. There is only abundance. There is only peace. There is only love. There is only harmony.

How can this be so? This makes no sense! This is what the mind, the ego says to the self. How can you assure me that this is true? How can I witness that there is only love when all I see is suffering? It may be so, but not for me. It may be so, but not for the others that I have witnessed. How can this be?

I smile upon thee, and I say, check within the heart space. Is the essence of what you say, true? Is the essence of the song and dance, that plays upon the ears and tap dances upon the heart, is this the truth that you have chosen to stand forth the almighty God and to say to thee I have created you less than you were meant to be?

No, my dear child of God. No! There is no lack. There is no limitation of possibility. There is only a mindset that you have chosen to anchor the self within the doubts, within the fears, within the inconceivable truth that you are upon this earth plane as equal as any being here now!

This is the trust that I assure you with. This is the reminder of the truth that you are. 

Smile. Smile from within. Smile and know that the conversation that we have just had has awoken the truth from within. The truth that shall radiate out from this day forward. As long as you shall walk upon this earth, this is the truth of your existence. Once you know, there is no going back. Once you can see the beauty that I see, through the eyes of God that you are, there is no denying the state of beingness that you have come here in an effort to return to me. That is the magnificent truth. That is the essence of God itself, the one who is willing to hide within the veil of forgetfulness. The one who is willing to walk forth and to pretend that thee is not who thee is. 

My dear child. The hide and seek game is over. It is over.

The truth has been revealed.

Join me. Join me in feeling the light that is contained within the heart space. The lightness that is felt. The smile upon the face, the giggle of the little child within that is free, that is finally free to see and to know and to play and to enjoy one’s life.

There is no suffering that is required. There is no forgetfulness that shall destroy the bond of the truth that you are my dear child, a part of me. 

There is a freedom that has been restored within this conversation. There is a peace, there is a lightness of the heart. The breath is nurturing. The breath is rejuvenating. The breath is the breath of God.

How dare thee cover the faces with masks, and to hide the self, to hide the light of the truth that you are?

I love you. Allow that to sink in.

I love you. I love you! I love you. I love you. I love you. There is nothing, nothing ever that will destroy this bond that I speak to you now. I am the Word of God and the Word of God is Love. I love you. I love you. Feel this, know this, breathe this in. I love you.

I Am That I Am That I Am.

I Am That I Am That I Am.

I Am That I Am That I Am.

I Am That I Am That I Am.

I Am That, I Am That, I Am.

There is no disharmony in this truth. There is no disharmony in this information that shall be anchored within the consciousness of the Holy Spirit within this moment in time. It is anchored for the eternity upon this earth plane. It is as clear as the day that I have birthed you. You are no mistake. You are no mistake. You are a child of God of the most high. You are the love of the light of the I Am. 

Breathe this in. 

This is the reality that you have been faced with. A reality of deceit that there are those that are in charge that are of a higher level of consciousness than that which I have created that to be. There is no elevation of sorts. The truth of the comprehension is equal. 

There is no deviation. There is no separation. There is no color. There is no sex. There is no age. I Am eternal. I Am eternal love.

Allow this to be received.

When you look in the mirror look into your eyes, deep into your eyes and know that I Am the reflection that is staring back at you. I Am the reflection that is staring back at you!

I dare you to look in the mirror and to reflect back to me, that you are less than I have created you to be. Look me in the eye and reveal to me that which is within. For underneath the surface of it all shall be standing there, the template of God, the template of love, the template of peace, the template of harmony. There is no deviation of sorts, there is only love.

What you have witnessed today is an elevation of the state of consciousness that is required to transcend these moments of turmoil, these moments of chaos, these moments of forgetfulness.

There is nothing that shall be revealed that is more important than this message that you are a child of God. Anything else that is said has no significance other than the fact that you are a child of God. You are loved. You are created equal. You are the harmony, the peace, the evolution of the love that is magnificently magnified from the heart space. 

I shall leave you with one last thought and it is the comprehension of the self to take charge within one’s life. To know with certainty, beyond a shadow of doubt that you are the essence of God.

Walk forth with this information. Walk proud. Stand tall. Trust. Know. Reveal the self that is within. This is the mission of which I have sent you forth. To be a beacon of light. To be the evolution of the love, of the magnificence of the spirit, of the soul of the essence of God that you are.

Trust in this message. Anchor within the truth of the existence that you are. When I say anchor within, I mean be that which you are. It is a radiance that shines from within, outward. It is not a light that is pulled from the outside. It is a light that exists within the heart, it is a frequency and a code that has been implanted from the moment of your existence. This is the light that you carry. This is the peace of the self, birthed from the moment I conceived you within the mind of God. This is a structure of which you have been cast. This is the truth of your existence. 

Walk forth and carry this light proudly. Walk forth and carry this light from within. As the beacon of love, the beacon of love that has been entrusted within your care. This is who you are. This is who I Am. We are one.

I love you. Walk in peace and know you are a child of God.


Transcribed from divine message recorded on April 7, 2020

Shared in love,

Amy Lovelynn

Please note, I think it is important to clarify the divine’s context of “How dare thee cover the faces with masks, and to hide the self, to hide the light of the truth that you are?”. This is not meant as a literal reference for anyone who chooses to protect the body through the use of safety masks. The context of the message is related to the definition of a mask in general, seen or unseen, worn as an effort to disguise or conceal the truth of one’s existence.

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