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Collective Message from the I AM Source of ALL THAT IS

I emit a frequency of love. A homing device of sorts.

There is much I can say about the wisdom we speak. There is no time like the present to begin.

A long time ago, I journeyed from afar to see what was in store for mankind. There was a time in which those who came to worship, those who came to share the selves, with those who were less fortunate. There was a time when people spoke in tongue and were not afraid to express the truth of their existence.

There are those who welcome the beginning of a new Earth and there are those who are afraid to let go of the past.

The time has come where we release the burdens of the mind to assure you that there is no time like the present to act in response of the authority that is castrated man. 

There is no time like the present to assure the self that you have come for more than you are being spoon fed.

There is a heritage that is at stake. The heritage is the freedom for man to express the self. For man to welcome a new day without the fear of attack, without the dread of prosperity burdened through the excavation of the mind and the challenges that are felt around the world when those who have diminished the capacity of the workers to feel that they are a contribution, that they are valuable, and that they are creative.

There is much to be said about self-employment, for it is the fact that many have come to express the joy and the freedom of the love of self and this love of self can only be prevalent when those that are driven to assure that the self is accommodated first and foremost, in a manner that is respectable to the self.

There is the extreme that there are those who come to serve with purpose. A purpose of the self that is to decipher the codes and the frequencies and the transition that is at stake.

There are many who have walked before you, who have come now to support the unseen realm, who are here as cheerleaders of sort, who are welcoming in the dawn of the new day that is just as prevalent as the frequencies that are intact upon the planet Earth as a resemblance of that which existed in multiple stratospheres of the capacity of the Mind to frequent many realms of possibility.

There is a choice to be made. Who shall you be? Who will you be going forward?

There is no time like the present to determine who this individual is. Is this an individual who loves the freedom of their existence and cohabitates with those upon the earthly realm? Or is it the love of self that drives one forward with no regard for those who surround the self? There is limited possibility in the second life. There is no time like the present to move forth and to share the self in a manner that is more fitting of the collective.

We have witnessed so many monstrosities across this planet. So many have turned a blind eye to the seriousness of what exists in the hopes for a better future. There is no time like the present to move forth with clarity and conviction. The truth that stands before us now is the opportunity to reveal within the self the magnitude of the choices that have compounded, that have distracted not only the self, but the others with the possibilities that exist, the frequencies that have been restored, the elements that are at your disposal. There is so much opportunity that is here for you now if you can only grasp this one concept, and this one concept is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

You were not put here to suffer. You were not put here to strive for something that is unachievable. You were put here to thrive. You were put here within an element of possibility, an element that assures your success should you only open up to the realm of possibility that there is much more than you are allowing the self to witness within this moment in time.

There is much more in store that shall rock you to the core. It is not in retribution for the self or the choices of the past. It is within an awareness that one sees for the self there is much more that can be shared, there is much more that can be given, and there is much more that can be received.

The time has come now for those who truly are concerned about peace within the world and within the structures that bind us together as one mankind.

There are many who will receive this message and not know what to do. There are many who will receive this message and know that faith has been restored. And there are those who are in authority that have no clue what this message means.

We have not come here to trample upon the freedoms of the world. We have not come forth in a time that is to be diminished by all that has been accomplished to date.

We are here for the structure of a new eternity that is being birthed within this moment in time. This time shall go down in the history books as the time in which man has witnessed the shortcomings of the future, that has come forth to assure you that you are focused within the realms of possibility that are culminating, that are ever present, and are here for you now to know that they are achievable.

The dreams that have been placed in the heart are there for a reason. It is not to spite that there is the feeling they are unachievable. It is not to bear witness to something that only provides pain.

The dreams that are in the heart are there because they are the focus of your soul for this lifetime of choice. There is a significance in what you feel internally, for it is that driving force that alerts you to the possibilities that exist should you only choose to follow the heart and to trust in the information and the guidance that is received from within.

There is no time like the present to walk forth, to know that there is so much more than you are allowing the selves to receive. There is no moment in which you are not provided for, whether it be the air that you breathe, the comfort that you feel, or the guidance that you receive from the wisdom of the One true source of all that exists on your behalf.

We entrust you with this information to share not only within the self for the comfort that it shall bring, but in the truth that emits as the structures that have long been withheld are dismantled and diminished in the capacity for which they have captivated the audiences for way too long.

The time has come for those who are like-minded to share amongst the selves new possibilities for new solutions, new possibilities for new structures that exist in a manner that is, shall we say, beneficial for all.

There is no ideology that holds weight when it is not founded in the root of the I AM presence. The I AM presence does not mean the i am alone, the i am the only one who matters, the i am the only one who is abundantly receiving the fruits of the earth.

The I AM is the ALL, the I AM is the collective, the I AM is the traits that are deep within that remind you that you are not alone. You are here to serve a purpose and that purpose is LOVE. That purpose is sharing the self with others in the capacity to the best of your ability to be all that you can be, to provide not only the self with the freedoms, but to assure that all experience the level of trust that you have within the self, for it is not only written upon your heart that you shall share a labor of love for what has been entrusted within you, and only YOU can provide to the planet at this time. Only YOU, can provide the light that you are. Only YOU, can shine forth and to share with those who are willing to listen, the love that is contained within.

This is the message that needs to be shared. This is the message that needs to apply the balm that is required for the healing of the planet Earth at this time. 

It is not the financial structures. It is not the admission of the truths that you were ill prepared to handle such a catastrophe, for not only are these defaults of a victim mentality, they are in essence the structures that keep repeating the selves over and over and over for the detriment of ALL of mankind.

There are those who shall find this message reprehensive. There are those who shall find this message appealing in a curious sort of way. There are those who will find this message is a call to action, and there are those who will rise above and to do all that they can do to be the light of the I AM presence, to walk forth in a manner that is respectable and is encouraging for those who see the self as an example of what is possible when one holds the head high and knows the truth of who they are.

The I AM is not here to tell you how to run your life. The I AM presence is here to assure you, to entrust you with the fact that all you need do is remember the truth of your identity. The truth of your existence. The truth of your persecutions of the past and to know that the relevancy in the grand scheme of the worlds beyond the worlds that you cohabitate in this minuscule aspect of one realm of possibility. 

You shall be rebirthed into the knowing that you are much more. You are much more than is being presented on the level of consciousness that is a one track mind to the destruction of those who are willing to listen to the propaganda, that are willing to listen to the mistruths, that are willing to listen to those who have no authority to govern the self.

This does not give one the license to run rampant with disregard for the brothers and sisters. This does not give one the license to disregard the seriousness of the situation that we all face. This does not give one the authority to choose from the darkness, from the contempt, from the destruction, from the source of restriction.

We are happy to present the solution that is available for ALL. It is a solution in which you are required to go within, to check your heart space to determine, are you closed off from that which unlocks the door to your own freedom?

Are you restricting the self from living a life that is more than a human potential?

That is much more than a single vision focus?

That is much more than can be humanly conceived that a level of joy is possible within your life that you may have never experienced before, if you can only tune within and to check the self to determine, what is the truth of me?

What is the truth that I have come here to reflect upon?

What is the truth of what I have to offer and to give?

What is the truth of my own divine heritage?

What is the truth of my own prosperity?

What is the truth of who I AM?

Who am i if i stand alone?

Who AM I if I stand in the midst of those who are here to diminish the truth of the I AM presence?

Who AM I to captivate an audience with my one voice?

Who AM I to know that more exists?

However, i do not feel motivated, i do not feel equipped, i do not feel supported, i do not feel well enough, i do not feel rich enough, i do not feel free enough, i do not feel proud enough, i do not feel elevated enough. 

I do not feel. I DO NOT FEEL, for i am numb to the truth. I am numb to the fact that there is much more that i could be living, that there is much more that i could be doing, that there is much more that i could be sharing, there is much more that i could be bearing witness to.

There is much more than I am being fed, that I am being spoon fed through a straw of minuscule proportions for it has been my own choice to follow the herd and to not reflect, to not listen, to not cultivate the whispers from within.

I AM here to serve a purpose and that purpose is LOVE. Now how you choose to administer that service is up to YOU. How you choose to reflect, whether it be through quiet contemplation or through the observance of others and the reflection upon the self.

We are all equal partners here. There is not one person that is in charge. We are all equivalent of the One world. However, this vision is through the lens of possibility that we are all equal contributors to our own gifts, whatever that shall look like. The gifts that serve a purpose, the gifts that are not detrimental, the gifts that are here to serve the collective in a joyous manner, that are not here to deceive, that are not here to cause harm, that are not here to relinquish the responsibility, the inherent responsibility that you withhold to maintain a level of integrity.

We are all here to share the selves with One another, whether it be a friend or a foe. There is no one here that is immune to these truths.

What will you do with the information that has been received? Will you disregard it? Will you accept it as wisdom, as an open invitation to reflect within the self, within the appropriateness of the situation that is at hand for those who have chosen to walk the path of contribution?

We have sounded the call. It is up to you now to determine what YOU have been entrusted to do.

Walk forth in peace and know that you are supported for those with a pure heart shall lead the free world. Those with an agenda of deceit shall find that they no longer maintain the power to control those who are no longer willing to serve the darkness. 

The darkness is a shadow that has been placed around the world in the hopes that those who are asleep will not notice. We can assure you now we are wide awake and we will not tolerate such deception. We will not tolerate such deceit. We will not tolerate the ramifications of individuals who maintain no regard for those who are here to be of service to the collective versus the service of the self.

This is not a utopia of which we speak. This is the freedom to express the self in the manner that is purely at heart.

Everyone has this capacity. All one need do is check the self. Where am I operating from? Am i operating from a fear of lack? Am i operating from a fear of uncertainty? Am i operating from a fear of trust? Am i operating from a fear of failure? Am i operating from a fear of the unknown? Am i operating from a fear of the future? Am i operating from a fear of the past? Where AM I operating from?

You will know if it is the heart space. You know. You know clearly where you are operating from if you would pause for a second to check the self, to check the facts before you spread more of the virus of the mind.

This is the day that we honor the Mother Earth and all of those who have birthed a new reality. A new future. A hope for a better tomorrow. That hope is here today. That hope is anchored now in the present moment. That hope is your call to action. That hope is a reality should you choose to accept the invitation that has once again been extended.

We trust that you know what to do when you are well equipped. You are equipped with all that you need to succeed should you allow the self to own the truth of who you are and who your brothers and sisters are, should you extend the same level of significance equally amongst the self and those who are a reflection of what capacity, what collective gifts are available now for those who are willing to see through the disillusion, through the space of opportunity.

We are all challenged with this task that is at hand. We are all beckoned to share that which we have to share. We are all uplifted by the knowing that we shall succeed.

Time is of the essence for time is truly all that bounds the self when one maintains a physical body. What shall you choose to do with the time that you have left? What will you choose to do with your day that is available to you now? 

Choose wisely for it is not Me who will be upset if you choose to do less than you are capable of. It is you who will suffer.

Enjoy the freedom. The freedom to think, the freedom to feel, the freedom to exhibit contributions in the manner that you are capable of exuding.

Walk in peace and know that this is a protected space, a protected space in the regards that your soul cannot be destroyed, your soul cannot be diminished, your light cannot be extinguished.

What else you choose to do is up to you. Walk forth in peace and know that the will of the I AM has spoken and so it is.

The transmission is now complete.


Transcribed from I AM consciousness message recorded on Sunday May 10, 2020.

Shared in the Spirit and the purity in which the message was received,

Amy Lovelynn

Additional notes by Amy, this message was received on Sunday May 10, 2020, the day celebrated as Mother’s Day in the USA.

I felt guided afterwards to look up the history of this holiday which according to Wikipedia was first celebrated in 1908 in the USA founded by Ms. Anne Jarvis, “a peace activist who cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War” and founder of “Mother’s Day Work Clubs to address public health issues“. Prior in 1870, Ms. Julia Ward Howe also called upon mothers of all nationalities to promote the “amicable settlement of international questions, the great and general interests of peace.”

Also, “man” is a term used by source as a general reference to all humans. It is not intended to be interpreted specifically as a masculine or feminine reference. I was initially surprised by the reference to “castrated man”, but it makes sense in the context of the definition of the word to “deprive of power, vitality, or vigor” which clearly qualifies within the state of the world we currently find ourselves in.

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