Daily Dose of Gumption

Follow the Inner Awareness Treasure Map

There is an existing potentiality within myself to have that which I desire, otherwise I would not be aware the possibility exists. The choice is neither right nor wrong, it is up to me which potential I choose as an expression of being me.

The fact I am aware of the option indicates a viable choice. If I desire it, yet take no action towards making the desire a reality indicates I am not ready to claim the potential as an extension of the version of me who is willing to express having it within the physical world.

The ability to transcend confusion, to access the knowing in line to my highest interest, is the ability to quiet the mind and allow one’s self to FEEL into that which I truly desire, that which I truly want to experience within life.

If fear is attached to the desire it is a clear projection of resistance of not yet being ready to receive that version of me. If there is a feeling of “Heck yeah! I am already that version of me willing to take inspired action!” This shows an excitement of powerful energy already present within the molecules of the self, radiating and dancing within the effect of embracing the expansion of self.

To say for one’s self “I cannot have it” is bunk. It would not be within the awareness if not already a viable outcome of my own joyful self expression.

Amy Lovelynn