My Voice. My Mission.

Photo credit by Felecia Buitenwerf via Unsplash.

My time on social media is mostly spent keeping in touch with people’s lives I care about. I enjoy the personal photos, celebrations, inspirations, travels, humor, and the sharing of moments that matter. On the majority of days, I genuinely make a conscious effort to uplift and support those I am connected with. When you win, I win. When you suffer, I suffer. When you are frustrated, I am frustrated.

When you are triggered, sometimes I am triggered. Lord knows there has been A LOT to be triggered about. Early on I learned to hide my feelings to avoid creating additional conflict. As I matured, I claimed my right to self-express my own opinion. As I evolved, I learned the power of curiosity and listening more than I speak. As I master, I know when to say time to stop playing small.

If 2020 / pre21 has taught us anything, it is that life is precious. We have free will. We are diverse. We have different values. We have different essential strengths. We have different goals and priorities. We have different perspectives because only our soulful self has walked in our shoes.

Where is our source of connection plugged into? Our moral compass? Our knowledge? Our wisdom? We each assess what is “truth” and “real” for our self. Do we create our reality, or is our reality mirrored back to us based on that which we choose to believe? Are we fated to just survive, or destined to thrive?

I am clear on what my talents and gifts are, and what they are not. I am a conduit of divine wisdom for the modern ages. I am here to uplift and to stretch people’s minds in expansive, transformative, and miraculous ways through written and spoken heart to heart connections. Expressing my personal opinion yay or nay on controversial events is no longer the best use of my energy and time. I do not believe the solution that matters can be found within the frequency or the emotion in which the problem was created. E=mc2

One of my personal triggers is feeling frustrated with persons who want the perks of power and representation of others, but who do not ethically maintain a level of integrity required where actions and words align within the servant’s heart for ALL the people. That’s an expectation and standard I created likely based on my belief of what’s possible that God or Jesus models including compassion and unconditional love for one another. Instead of blaming and casting stones for failures, I will assume responsibility for what immediately in my life I can control, and for me that is to be a leader of integrity who is here to uplift and not to divide. 

I am excited to announce I will be releasing new creative, expansive content under the title of “Lighten UP with Amy Lovelynn”. Lighten UP embodies mental, emotional, physical and spiritual enlightened topics. Stay tuned.

I will continue to support and uplift those in my life in a manner that is expansive and reflective of the type of leader I choose to be. Our hearts individually call each of us forth along the path that ultimately bring us the most joy and lightness of spirit.

The divine in me, sees the divine in you.

Namaste and infinite blessings,

Amy Lovelynn