Honoring Mother’s Day

Wishing you and yours a love and peace filled Mother’s Day weekend.

We each have our own individual memories and definitions of the term “mother”. My definition of a Mother is one who creates a feeling of being unconditionally loved and accepted, an unbreakable bond of connection, and a position of honor in the ultimate expression of the divine feminine.

A Mother has an inherent desire to give birth to her greatest creations, to provide for her loved ones more than she received in her own life in the forms of security, trust, compassion, nourishment, and opportunity.

Motherly love is a piece contained within each of our hearts, passed down through the generations. Motherly expression can occur in many forms whether as a woman or man, a parent of children, a caretaker of animals or plants, a steward of causes, a healing touch, a provider of kindness, a visionary of the greater good, acts of service, a fierce protector, and an “I believe in you” spirit.

The absence of a Mother, or the unfulfilled desire in the expectations of what a Mother should or could have been, is one of the deepest hurts one experiences in which forgiveness, acceptance for what is, and an understanding that ultimately we each carry the capacity to be a loving mother to our own selves is one of the greatest healing gifts this role can play.

I personally find comfort in the memories of my own Mother who I know always only ever wanted what was best for me, including the desire for an easier life, one I can call upon in times of joy or in times of need, a sense of security in returning home no matter how long I’ve been gone, preparer of the most fulfilling meals I’ve eaten, and the organizer behind countless family gatherings, celebrations and holidays in a genuine labor of love.

It is an eternal shared bond of birth, love and friendship that I do not take for granted, especially since this Sunday or any day I am able to pick up the phone and express just a portion of the loving gratitude for all that my Mother has provided to me throughout my life.

Shared in honor of my Mom and all Mothers,

Amy Lovelynn

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