Self-Evident Truths

Image credit via Unsplash

We hold these truths to be self-evident. We did not come here to struggle. We came here to learn from each other, to learn from our selves and to learn from God what it takes to bring our selves back home to the truth of All That Is. We did not come here to struggle. We did not come here to be lied to our selves or to lie to others about what is within their best interest. We came here to be the best versions of ourself. We came here to believe that no matter what happens, we will always find our way home to the truth. We came here to know God, by seeing all that is not of God. We came here to find a better way for our future states that we are creating now.

We trust in ourselves to the extent we are able to trust in one another. We trust in ourselves to the extent we are able to stop lying to ourselves. We trust in the self to know the difference between what is right and wrong, within our own guidance systems that keep us ever present in the realm of human potential, in the realm of inner wisdom, and in the realm of prosperity. Prosperity does not just include bank accounts. Prosperity does not just include material wealth. Prosperity includes all that brings you real, sustainable joy, that generally has to do with living out your soul’s highest wisdom. Your soul’s highest truth. Your soul’s highest trust in the ability to find your way home within the self when the road becomes overshadowed by doubt, insecurities and persuasion.

There is no level of trust that will ever allow you to overcome all that is required that is not rooted in the foundation of a higher perspective of God. There is no wisdom that will get you to where you need to be if it is based on the foundations of other people’s truths. For it is inherent within each individual to know exactly what is required for you to succeed, for you to live prosperous within the way of the heart.

These truths are self-evident only for those who take the time to pause, who take the time to trust within one’s self and the path in which one walks upon. The ability to transcend into a higher state of awareness is within your control. Which will it be? Trust that which you see on the television? Trust that which you hear spoken that does not quite ring true? Trust that which you have found to be the ability to navigate that which is your greatest gift, the ability to carry within you the inner light of truth that shall always shine the way forth, should you quiet the mind enough to listen to that which your inner divinity has to say.

We hold these truths to be self-evident. Sometimes they are not discovered until someone exits the earth plane. The good news is you can still do that while you are here, for the exit is only to quiet the mind and allow the holy spirit of the holy truth to speak through your fears, to speak through your states of confusion, and to speak through your ability to anchor deep within you the light of that which shall carry you forth. If each individual were to tap into these inner truths, what a beautiful light we would anchor upon this glorious opportunity to create a world in which each individual can live in harmony within their own unique truths, and to feel free to create that which they have come forth to do. It requires a sense of communion though for those that surround, for without the ability to see that each person generates their own level of trust within, generates their own wisdom to be shared, generates their own contributions to the entire whole. This is what you have come forth to learn. The ability to work with one another in creating your own kingdom of heaven upon the planetary body called earth.

Walk forth in peace and know that you have generated this transmission as your own unique signature in the ability to find your way through the maze of turmoil that frequents the airwaves upon these monumental times. There is peace and harmony within those who have the ability to look within.

Walk forth in peace and know that you are supported, from within. And so it is.

Inspirational message via Amy Lovelynn