The Power Within

What if I do not always have to know “why?” something happens and just accept this is where I find myself and if I do not like it, what can or will I do to change my real-ity into re-all-it-y?

The mind likes to suffer from analysis paralysis. What if blaming a cause, another or the self was NEVER an option?

How free and empowering it feels to know I have complete control to change my circumstances.

Change within begins with a perception shift.

Change without begins by knowing it is possible to live in a different reality.

Victor is much more of a fulfilling and juicy life experience than victim. How do I become and remain a victor? I choose it. I claim it. No questions asked.

I am worthy to claim my divine birthright because I exist. God creates good, humans create goo. Life can be messy but what if the answer for unsticking ones self in ANY situation is always readily available?

Power is centered in the point of its origin. In my center, no thing can take away my inner power. I would much rather choose to live on point than as the wavering mark lingering disconnected above the answer, the solution, the Source.

I hold the power, the key to every lock. The only question that remains is how will I choose to use it?

Looking past the goo to the good and Godliness,

Amy Lovelynn