Honest Reflection

I have not always been nice to myself. I have taken myself for granted. I have forgotten my own beauty. I have sold myself short. I have sabotaged. I have compared and deemed myself less than. I have judged and made myself better than. I have lacked confidence. I have blown experiences out of proportion. I have played the victim. I have let myself down. I have promised myself things I have not delivered. I have avoided dealing with situations. I have tried and failed. I have disappointed. I have miscommunicated. I have misunderstood. I have made myself invisible. I have withheld pleasure. I have disrespected. I have not valued myself for what I’m worth. I have overindulged. I have starved myself. I have made myself sick. I have avoided responsibility. I have rejected others’ truths. I have numbed myself. I have feared. I have resisted. I have been unwise. I have wasted resources. I have been ungrateful. I have been unhappy. I have hated. I have been rude. I have taken people and things for granted. I have littered. I have verbally attacked. I have allowed distraction. I have been selfish. I have abused my body. I have lashed out with my tongue. I have lied. I have cheated. I have harassed. I have bullied. I have gossiped. I have not spoken up. I have punished. I have doubted. I have given away my power.

I have accused others of doing to me what I have done to myself.

I have been unloving.

I have made mistakes.

I have lived a multitude of experiences.

I have been human.

I have remembered my and your divinity.

I choose to forgive all perceived shortcomings.

I accept and learn from the past.

I consciously create a new present.

I extend the same self-compassion to others.

I am forgiven. I am nice. I am appreciative. I am beautiful. I am confident. I am victorious. I am trustworthy. I am pleasurable. I am honest. I am clear. I am courageous. I am well. I am grateful. I am kind. I am valuable. I am fulfilled. I am joy. I am truthful. I am enough. I am empathetic. I am compassionate. I am worthy. I am powerful. I am love. I am divine. I am God’s child. I am that I am.

I am blessed to remember,

Amy Lovelynn

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