What if I came to this planet called Earth as the unconditional love few were able to receive?

Like Jesus. Like Buddha. Two hemispheres of the same Mind in the possibility of a world without boundaries where all men and women are kind.

All of us enter with the capacity to love fully and be who we were born to be. Each a unique expression of love and creativity.

Like any good story the plot thickens, we forget and begin to believe the fakeality that generations have bought into and sold us. A child lost in duality.

Each day is the opportunity to reawaken from the dream we experience.

Even hearing such a concept is hard to embrace. Are you serious? I am not the failure I judge myself to be? I am not the unloveable? I am not the unworthy? I am not the scared?

Correct. I am the sacred.

Jesus began his life like any other, a boy who grew to be a man. If we are here, we are hu(man). The hue of many colors.

The difference between Jesus and I is He never forgot who He was and was balanced in His masculine and feminine. Yes women, you are equally challenged to remember the truth of your soul, just as the men are.

Balanced in both so can I be. Thank God I remember and am committed to embracing the truth of who I Am.

I am unconditional love. Accept it. If you can’t, I will love you anyways. In the moments where I struggle and present myself as forgetful and less than is the opportunity for you to remember for me.

Remember and be unconditionally blessed and blissed equally in love,

Amy Lovelynn

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