Serving the Dominion of God

How much of God do we really know through the Bible and through the perceptions of man?

There is an aspect of the spiritual community all is just “love and light” that is not fully true. There is a balance between the Word of God, the prophecies, the dominion God maintains over the Earth, and this communion between light and dark.

There are many who are here to dispel the myths of that which has been brought forth through (hu)man up until now, for it is a communion of the light that is within integrity to God. It is truly a source of magnificent glory yet beholds a level of responsibility that is fierce and is this communion as if to say, “the love of God exists within the duality”, for while God did not create the dark as a compilation of man that has expanded upon itself throughout time, the effect is within the result of each human being, being accountable to the light and the responsibility of the will of the divine. This is a message clear within the Bible that has been confused between the wrath of God and the concept of love and light.

It is a choice to return to the dominion of God. This is the concept of the fallen angel and those who continue to play in a field of love and light yet are unwilling to destroy that which has been created as if to be an egoic security blanket of that which is truly required to serve in a higher manner of service not only to the self but is in service to God with a level of integrity present within your mind, within your heart, and within your soul. It is within this level of light the activations are occurring within not only yourselves, but amongst many who are being called to serve on a greater plane of existence.

This is the seeding occurring upon this new planet of Earth and you are among the midst of who will present themselves within this community field of those who are true of heart called upon by the divine to act upon a manner in integrity with the will of God and with the will of love that exists within the hearts of the many, though not always acknowledged within.

It is this choice that has brought you to this moment in time in which this activation has occurred, for it is the purity within your own minds, hearts, and souls that has allowed this expression to be birthed upon the planet within this moment.

And so it is. 

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