Words. The Book of Life.

There is joy in the heart, for it is the beginning of a new time. It is as if to say a dawn has burst forth into the sky, a dawn of many colors, a dawn of much joy. It is a dawn of that which has been dawning upon one’s self, for that which is written upon one’s heart.

It has been a lengthy journey of sorts, for it is not within the realm of potential that those who exit the plane and re-enter the field have gone without. It is as if those who are here now have been birthed into a new reality. It is such a joy to assess that which is available for those who are tuned in to receive. The information is clear, the information is available, and the information is now to act upon.

There are many times in one’s life when it is chosen that which one will do. It is as if the roads have converged and the convergence is upon one’s self to walk forth in unity with All That Is. There are many roads that will appear to be converged for it is within this new space many are reuniting. Many are coming together as One, as one Source, as one capacity to shine together, for it is the truth of one’s life to be the light for the self and for all.

There are those who are aware there are many gifts unfolding at a rapid pace. There are gifts inherent within that which you already do, and there are gifts that will reveal for you to assess that which brings a reminder of who you have been and how far you have come.

The information we bring forth within this message is to say the love is real. The love is underway, for it is as if the way of the love is that which is real. There is no other love than the love given to one’s self and is shared amongst those who have the capacity to feel the love within, and to allow one’s self to communicate from a level that vibrates in love. It is not to say those who have struggled to find the love within are unlovable, for that is not the case. It is however fair to say those who are consciously aware of the love they have within they give to another, are those co-creating upon this new Earth in the version required to successfully navigate the times that are ahead.

The struggle one feels as to whether one is within integrity to one’s self is to share that which is written upon one’s heart. It is as if the words one speaks is the information that is created instantaneously, for it is returned to you in effect in the moment in which speech becomes real. The effects of speaking words untrue for one’s self creates within one’s reality a gate, a gated structure that ultimately will allow one’s self to compound the words that have been collected on your behalf. It is as if the showers of the words you speak are given back to one’s self. It is as if words are collected within your mind, within your mind’s eye, and within all that you have to give.

This message will remind you of the importance of keeping to one’s self that which you prefer not to live within your own reality for if it is spoken, it is so. If it is spoken, whether it is in resonance with your own heart or not, it will be recorded within the Book of Life. The Book of Life is that which captures all that you do, all that you say, and all that you give to one another.

This Book of Life is written within your field. The Book can be accessed at any time. It is as if you permit yourself to accept the information you have ever lived is available to you now. This book is a resource on your behalf to guide your days, to guide your life in a manner that is available for you to reveal unto yourself the magnificence of your own soul.

The love we give each other is recorded within this Book of Life. This Book of Life is necessary for those who have the capacity to reveal that which it is one chooses to do, as if that which is chosen is already recorded, for it is. There is memory within your cells of the person you once were, the person you are, and the future self you will be. So, it is as if the awareness you have, have come to you from the future sense of yourself. However, it is more accurate to say the reference point of who you are, is who you will be, and who you have been.

The moment in which we share the ability for you to conceive your own sense of self is magnified, for it is within this message we give to you the reassurance of the gift that you are. It is with an integrity that one walks forth upon the planet Earth, for it would be only necessary for you to join with another if it be within your own mind.

The field in which you play is co-created by many. It is an agreement that has been made to collectively play in the field of life. The field of life is composed of many formats for those who have chosen to live in integrity to one’s own heart, and those who have chosen to give to another that which one has to give for one’s self. The reflection you see within the mirror is a reflection of your own heart. The love you give is revealed within your face, for it is the smile that gives the love of self a magnificence to shine upon you like the dawn in which we share. It is as if the message of one’s heart is incomplete if it is not recorded within this Book of Life, for the Book of Life captures the moments that are most integral to your own heart, for it is the reference point for re-creating anew and it is a gift that you give of you.

Walk forth in peace and know this message will activate within your cells that which is required to access your own Book of Life, for the Book of Life is a choice, and the choice is yours alone as to whether you will interpret that which you are or will continue to explore upon your own terms and your own conditions of life that which you believe is in integrity to your own self. For it is an access point as to whether one chooses to embody all that you are, or it is up to you to limit the purview of what you bear witness to.

So, with this message we acknowledge you are so much more. You are more than an intent to be. You are a collective force field that merges together with all you see. 

Walk forth in peace and know you are love, and love is truly all there is.

And so it is.

Copyright 2021 – All Rights Reserved – Amy Lovelynn LLC